Thinking of buying a used SUP. Does anyone have recommendations? Anything to watch out for or avoid?

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asked Aug 8, 2017 in Stand Up Paddle Boarding by dwnc (1,254 points)

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answered Aug 8, 2017 by NinjaShark (3,775 points)
Vibe Kayaks has a new SUP called the Maverick, it is pretty cool looking, especially if you like fishing and want to do any fishing from it.

I've only just gotten started with kayak fishing, haven't done SUP yet. But i can stand in my kayak. (I have a Vibe SeaGhost 110).

Sorry I couldn't be more help, hope you find something that fits your needs!
commented Aug 16, 2017 by Piratekelli (1,003 points)
Bote or sup ATX boards are awesome. And you can find discounted ones on their websites
commented Jan 26, 2019 by negearguide (5 points)
Here's a newer review of the Vibe Maverick 120. Awesome kayak.
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answered Mar 20, 2018 by EddieR (100 points)
Riviera boards have been discontinued but can be bought new at reduced prices. Awesome boards. Sup groups on social media are a great way to find used boards but you might have to pick them up, this is when you inspect it for damage and repairs. Boards get dinged and cracked but usually are cheap easy fixes. Check fin box for cracks and make sure fin fits sturdy. Distressed Mullet usually has about 100+ used boards for sale posted by owners across the country. Most rental locations will sell their boards at end of season so be sure to ask them before Labor Day...New board prices drop in winter to make room for next years models and then again after the next years models come out but if you wait too long you won’t have the most preferred discounted boards available.
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