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In 3 Easy Steps...

  1. Ask or answer a question (or as many as you want) within any of the following 6 links:
    Scuba Diving Questions
    Saltwater Fishing Questions
    Paddle Boarding Questions
    Boating Questions (NEW)
    Kayaking Questions (NEW)
    Ocean Conservation Questions (NEW)

  2. You'll get points when others find value in your question or answer and vote it up. Click here to see how the points work.

  3. If you're in the top 20 of total points earned during the months of and , you'll get the following rewards:
IMPORTANT: Your chances of winning this round are quite high given we have not invited many people to participate relative to the number of prize winners.

We will post the 20 winners shortly after the end of , and we'll reach out to each winner so they can claim their Shark Zen gear or discount code.

* All gear choices may only be for in-stock sizes of non-limited edition apparel.

Questions about this opportunity? Contact us here.
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