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Shark Zen is giving away performance shirts, premium t-shirts, hats, and more every 2 months to those that get the most points for offering the best questions and answers. Below is info on how to get points...

Answers: You can receive the following points for your answers to questions...
  • 10 per Up Vote
  • 15 for having your answer selected as best
  • -2 per Down Vote
  • -1 when you vote someone else's answer down
Questions: You can receive the following points for your questions...
  • 5 per Up VoteĀ 

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Everyone starts with 5 points when they join Shark Zen Masters. See your total points by clicking your username or profile image toward the top right of any page when logged in.

Voting Impacts Your Points
voting boxWhen the community votes on your questions or answers to indicate if they are useful, it impacts your points. To the left is an example of a voting box for a question or answer, and the info below tells you how it works.
  • Up Vote is when someone likes what is written and clicks the up arrow to add a vote.
  • Down Vote is when someone doesn't like what is written and clicks the down arrow to subtract a vote.

The incentives are aligned so that those that offer the most valuable answers and ask the most valuable questions get the most points and earn free Shark Zen gear.

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