Have you ever had a bad feeling about a dive and go??

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asked Aug 15, 2017 in Scuba Diving by Cvet (3,369 points)
I'd been on five trips where I just didn't like the conditions, so I didn't dive.

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answered Oct 4, 2017 by richardehyman (2,630 points)
selected Oct 4, 2017 by Cvet
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Well, not a dive trip per se but I had a night dive that I was scared about. It was midnight off Martinique. I don't recall but I think ~150' deep. Actually I wasn't really scared until we descended in the dark. Odd. No lights 'till we got close to the bottom. Just a weird feeling. I was working for Cousteau and it was my job. Had to go...
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answered Aug 16, 2017 by dwnc (1,254 points)
A group of my Marine buddies and I went out one night to this dive near some high walls in Okinawa.  The place was very dark and there was no light on the trail down to the water plus the water was very dark, no ambient light.  We all got the willies and went back to the barracks and drank instead.   We found out later that week that another Marine disappeared diving in the same spot a few days later.
commented Aug 16, 2017 by Cvet (3,369 points)
Good choice, glad you had the good sense to make the right decision.
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answered Aug 16, 2017 by NinjaShark (3,775 points)
Better safe than sorry. If it doesn't feel right, you shouldn't go.
commented Aug 16, 2017 by dwnc (1,254 points)
Trust your gut
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answered Aug 16, 2017 by George1224 (5,147 points)
If I dont feel that the dive is safe I dont go. Never be afraid to call a dive. You dont have to give a reason. I'm not talking about being excited because your in a new dive site. I'm talking about diving in stronger current than you feel safe in, or diving with a cold or dhest congestion. Dont put yourself in danger.
commented Aug 16, 2017 by dwnc (1,254 points)
Best to trust your gut and instincts
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answered Aug 16, 2017 by frontbeast (2,220 points)
Yes i have. And now i know that ifølge i feel liker that again. I wont go!!!
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