Have you dove any of the nice Florida springs?

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asked Oct 18, 2017 in Scuba Diving by Cvet (3,369 points)
There are about five really great springs in Florida only a few miles apart. Cold but well worth the chill.

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answered Oct 25, 2017 by Boneyard (1,593 points)
selected Oct 25, 2017 by Cvet
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Years ago, we would stop at Crystal River on our way from New Jersey to the Florida Keys to dive. Back then it was pretty primitive (1970-72) and Aqua Pier was the only dive shop/boat rental place there. We dove the main spring and snorkeled some of the lesser spring along the river. I remember the crystal clear water (100 or more feet visibility) and the mix of freshwater and saltwater fish that were there. The saltwater fish, like Jacks and tarpon would come up to freshwater to rid themselves of parasites. The main spring was in a cave about 60 feet from the surface and there were blind shrimp that lived there. Very interesting dive and experiences for a young diver.
commented Oct 25, 2017 by Cvet (3,369 points)
I love Crystal River just great diving, the vis. makes stopping there worth while. Plus if you go in the winter time  the sea cows are in swimming around
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answered Oct 18, 2017 by NinjaShark (3,775 points)
I got open water certified in Ginnie Springs, FL it was awesome. The water was so crystal clear! We also did a dive at Devil's Den. That was back in 2009, i need to go back there again sometime.
commented Oct 19, 2017 by Cvet (3,369 points)
When you do go back you must go to Blue Grotto it's really cool.
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answered Oct 19, 2017 by cquade7 (3,269 points)
I agree there are all very nice, I have dove Ginnie springs as well and loved it, because not only was it very clear, but its nice to dive freshwater, and its nice after a salt dive to help clean some of your gear off.
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answered Oct 25, 2017 by richardehyman (2,630 points)
Gee...it was a long time ago. 1974. May have been Ginnie, not sure. I was with the Cousteau team. We left (on land) out of Panama City, FL. Amazing experience and fun guys too. (Afterward we filmed stone crab fishermen in the Gulf. We were on their boats and in the water too. Never made it to TV.)
commented Oct 25, 2017 by Cvet (3,369 points)
Maybe some of Cousteau footage that didn't make TV will resurface. Would love to see it
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answered Apr 3, 2018 by George1224 (5,147 points)
I dove Vortex Springs and Morrison Springs a couple of weeks ago. They are both really close to Destin Florida and great for Open water dives for students. A little cold but not bad, They stay at around 68 deg F all year and very clear.
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