What is your preferred size SUP?

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asked Oct 20, 2017 in Stand Up Paddle Boarding by richardehyman (2,630 points)

2 Answers

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answered Oct 25, 2017 by Piratekelli (1,003 points)
12 foot! I’m 5’9 130 lbs and it’s perfect size
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answered Dec 15, 2017 by EddieR (100 points)
10’ x 33-35 for White Water rivers and surfing.

 11’ x 32 for fitness, casual, and all round.

11’x 34-35 for Fishing.

12’6 x 30-32 for touring and rough conditions.

14’ x 26 touring and racing.

Longer is faster and more floatation for extra balance, shorter is more maneuverable. Rivers and surf move your board and the extra speed generates more stability through the fin. Narrow widths are faster but less stable, particularly when not moving.
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