What is your favorite dive camera?

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asked Jun 8, 2018 in Scuba Diving by Scubachuck (1,093 points)

3 Answers

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answered Jun 8, 2018 by Scubachuck (1,093 points)
I have used the Sony RX 100 for five years and my photos and video are wonderful. The new RX series are even better.
commented Jun 8, 2018 by Piratekelli (1,003 points)
Gopro hero 6 works well
+1 vote
answered Jun 11, 2018 by frontbeast (2,220 points)
Sealife dc2000..... Seems really good
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answered Jun 11, 2018 by George1224 (5,147 points)
I use a Sealife Micro and love it. No case required and has bluetooth capability. Love it
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