What are the best fishing kayaks for women anglers? I'm looking at a jackson cruise right now

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asked Jul 23, 2017 in Kayaking by Piratekelli (1,003 points)

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answered Jul 24, 2017 by NinjaShark (3,775 points)
I'm a kayak fisherwoman (novice), i just got my kayak a few months ago actually. I did tons of research to find the right one for me. I finally settled on a Vibe SeaGhost 110. I liked the price point, I liked the size, and I liked the fact that it comes with a comfy seat, paddle and rudder standard (built into the price). I love it so far, i've taken it out only 3 or 4 times now, but it has been great. Handles well, I can even stand up on it. Vibe also has a great community. Checkout the Vibe Tribe on Facebook. They will accept new members that are interested in the kayaks and you can ask all your questions. They are a great group. I use it for inshore fishing in Tampa Bay. I also plan on taking it to some rivers.

Downsides of the Vibe kayak is that it is made in China, but it was designed in Georgia. If there are any issues, ANY issues with the yak, the customer service is excellent. Thankfully, i have not had any issues with mine. They are also on back order a lot, because they are very popular right now (because of the affordable price).

I was also considering a FeelFree Lure 10 or a Moken 11.5 but i'm so glad I went with the Vibe, it is much lighter, and that lighter weight, is so nice if you have to car top it, or move it around on your own.

Hope that helps!
commented Jul 24, 2017 by Piratekelli (1,003 points)
How much does it weigh without your gear?
commented Jul 24, 2017 by NinjaShark (3,775 points)
roughly 62lbs with seat, which was less than the FeelFree. Not bad for an 11 foot kayak - it can support 425lbs

commented Jul 24, 2017 by Piratekelli (1,003 points)
Not bad! The one I want is jackson cruise angler 10 and it's 58 lbs.. which isn't bad for me.. more than that seems a bit too much for my bad back to pick up.
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