What is the best board for yoga?

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asked Jan 29, 2017 in Stand Up Paddle Boarding by wSup (30 points)
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4 Answers

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answered Mar 30, 2017 by Big Papa (113 points)
A good board for yoga is in the 10'6" range and 32+inches wide. Look for one that has a full deck pad.
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answered Jun 13, 2017 by ohallork (175 points)

Stillwater/Stagecoach from KPOD! www.kpo-design.com

They are 11'x36x6" and have long traction pad for plenty of yoga room! 


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answered Jul 25, 2017 by Brilliant1 (595 points)
Agree with those features and would add - the board you are comfortable on!
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answered Mar 20, 2018 by EddieR (100 points)
A board with a front anchor loop. Full deck pad, paddle holder on side rail, no center handle or handle that doesn’t interfere w headstands and postures. 32-34” wide,  round planing hull, wide tail, 11’-12’. A deck bungee that doesn’t get in the way. I personally prefer inflatables for Yoga as you are less likely to bruise an ankle falling from headstand. Hard boards sit lower and are stiffer, generally better for Yoga but both are good and have their strengths. Check out SipaBoard Balance Air- has all of the above and is self inflating, leash clips to side of board for carrying on shoulder like a duffel bag. Designed specifically for Yoga and fitness.
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