What do you think is the best SUP and why?

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answered Oct 18, 2017 by WOW Warlord (50 points)

For beginners I suggest a Soft Top as you can drag it down the beach, bang it with your paddle, and give it heaps in the water too PLUS when you fall on it OR it hits you in the water the damage is going to be minimal compared to a hard glassed SUP. Any of the brands are good. You can hire these at your local SUP shop too so go check them out.

Once you have mastered how to SUP then you can start looking around for SUP's, there are lots of good boards and shapers out there. if you can I would suggest trying a few different types and watch some videos.

I LOVE a custom board myself I AM an Open Ocean Paddler as well as an Extreme SUP/Surfer, small to big Hawaiian style waves...I just choose my SUP for which ever conditions the day presents.

You should definitely shop around, 2nd hand to start with so go to some Board Swaps in your area, as you want to buy a SUP you are going to EnJoy and have for awhile before you on sell it to upgrade to a custom SUP :)

EnJoy and Aloha
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answered Sep 18, 2018 by EddieR (100 points)
Depends on the activity and experience of the rider. For yoga or recreational paddling, less than 5 miles, any planing hull board brand can be fine. Yolo, Boga, Bote,  Are just a few of the ones I like.

For racing and touring it gets more complicated and more expensive.   

Personally, my favorite is Flying Fish board co Made in Florida USA . They have a unique Hull shape that is all round good, fast and stable in all conditions. I had them make a custom race board for me that weighs only 20lbs @14’x24”. Their 12’x29” touring board weighs 24lbs. I do yoga on both my Flying Fish Boards but I’m also an instructor. For racing there are a few other brands that are very popular and also make podium at races, in the order of my preference/ Flying Fish, Infinity, SIC, Starboard, Rogue, Sonova. They are all top end race boards with unique designs and all ride  differently, each has its own strengths.  Best to test a few of them at the same time. Large race events are a great place to demo these boards. The Carolina Cup race in April is a great place and time of year to do this. Race boards, particularly custom ones can take a month or two to arrive after ordering.

Dragon Fly in Florida is unique and high end for Fishing.

Bad Fish is great for White water rivers.

Inflatable boards- these 3 brands are my favorite depending on model and purpose -Red Paddle-a full line up of amazing boards, Starboard- their delux models, touring and racing models, SipaBoard-self inflating- yoga/ recreational/traveling.
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