Any underwater photographers here?

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asked Sep 26, 2017 in Scuba Diving by frontbeast (2,220 points)
Just wondering what Peoples favorite cameras might be. With out getting to technical :) i like taking photos My self. And juse a olympus though and a intova edge x... Need something New. With fast autofocus.... Any ideas. Not too expencive

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answered Sep 27, 2017 by Gatornbama (311 points)
This depends on how often you go diving and what your goals are and how much money you want to spend. Do you just want a few shots to remember the dive or are you looking for shots to frame?  Do you want video, still shots or both?  GoPro is of course one of the first to come to mind, and easily accessible.  Olympus has a Tough series which I just love. You have to buy a case, of course and it takes a little getting used to, but I love mine.  I also just invested in a new camera called a Paralenz which is a Dive camera developed FOR divers BY divers, but I would not recommend it at this time because it has a lot of bugs that need to be worked out, but if they can get them fixed, it will probably be THE dive camera of the future.
commented Sep 29, 2017 by frontbeast (2,220 points)
Whats your thoughts on sealife hd 2.0 and sealife dc2000
commented Sep 29, 2017 by Gatornbama (311 points)
I read up on those, but the guy at my dive shop recommended the Olympus over the Sealife. He sells both, had used both. I just took his word. I usually listen to what he says and what the other people at his shop say, spend 2 to 4 weeks on the internet or reading dive magazines and end up buying whatever he suggested to begin with. After 4 years, U would think I would learn to just get what he says, but, hope, I am stubborn and feel the need to research. Now, he did NOT have and still does not have any knowledge of the ParalenzDive, but that is because it is new on market.
commented Mar 12, 2018 by RummbleStrip (75 points)
I use a sealife dc2000. I have the tray, lights, strobes, ect. It takes great photos. I won 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place on the last liveabord on the GBR. They did have the dslr in a different category but the photos I can take with that set up is amazing. I will be moving up someday, but great for what I am doing right now. Use the phots for websites and prints. I decided to go the $1500 way instead of the $15k option after I talked to photographer that had his photo on the cover of Time magazine, taken with a point and click.
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answered Oct 4, 2017 by richardehyman (2,630 points)
Old school underwater photographer for Jacques Cousteau. We used Nikons in housings we made. I still dive but am not up to date on cameras. Sorry.
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answered Jul 30, 2018 by Scubachuck (1,093 points)
Yes, I use a Sony RX 100, a Recsea housing, and sea and Sea strobes. It’s a great small setup and produces great stills and vids. Have used it for five years.
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