Do you prefer your certificate in hand, plastic, or online?

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asked Oct 28, 2017 in Scuba Diving by frontbeast (2,220 points)
Do you prefere you certificates in hand... Plastic? Or Are you fine by having Them online. To show by app. I like both having the plastic certificate... And My logged dives in a paper logbook

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answered Oct 29, 2017 by Josh Marcus (395 points)
I prefer online because one time I went on a trip to the Mediterranean Sea and when I went there I had no intention of it being a diving trip. Turns out the diving offshore of the beach my hotel was on is very good. I didn't bring my dive card because I didnt think that I was going to dive and I didn't have an online copy so the dive shop didn't let me dive unless I called the dive shop that I got certified with( in America) 3 years earlier. So I called the dive shop and asked them for proof of my certification then finally I was able to dive, but if I had an online version of the card it would have been much less of a hastle and it is much more efficient to have a virtual version of your certification.
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answered Oct 31, 2017 by NinjaShark (3,775 points)
I like the idea of having both, which I do. I carry my card with me, but if for some reason I didn't have it, i know i can pull it up on my app too. My dive logs are all on paper, but i'm trying to convert them over so i have an online version too, just as a back up.
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answered Nov 16, 2017 by Cvet (3,369 points)
Interesting question, when I lived in California it seemed that every dive shop was on line and you didn't have to carry your certification in hand. But when I moved back to Texas that wasn't the case and had to carry your card.
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answered Nov 16, 2017 by dnadavis (545 points)
I do both a plastic card and an app based card ad a backup.  I dive with a computer so I log all my drives on my computer using the usb connector and then upload them to an online system that lets me create a printed logbook and also lets me have my buddy verify my drives online to validate them.
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