Now that it is Spring, what fishing plans do you have for the summer?

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asked Mar 22, 2018 in Saltwater Fishing by richardehyman (2,630 points)

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answered Mar 23, 2018 by Boneyard (1,593 points)
Hoping to get a kayak and get back into some of the coastal creeks here in NC. Access for land based anglers like me is becoming more and more difficult as development occurs. I'll be fishing for the big three inshore...Trout, Redfish, and Flounder. I try to follow their movements with baitfish and shrimp movements and will use mostly artificial lures as I try to learn this area more. Whatever the beats working!!!
commented Mar 24, 2018 by richardehyman (2,630 points)
Sounds great.
commented Mar 24, 2018 by Boneyard (1,593 points)
How about you???
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