What "expensive" dive trip is well worth doing and why?

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asked Jun 7, 2017 in Scuba Diving by pezgrande (55 points)
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answered Jun 13, 2017 by Lietzke00 (713 points)
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Indonesia, both Siladen Island/ Bunaken National Marine Park and Lembeh Strait (I haven't been to Raja Ampat yet, but I hear it's also fantastic). Flying halfway around the world, staying a week or two in full-service resorts -- because it's not like there are a lot of restaurants or other hotel options nearby! -- isn't inexpensive, but the resorts were wonderful, the diving was incredible, and it was definitely worth it to see animals and corals I can't see in the Western Hemisphere. It's not a trip I can afford every year or even every other year, but it gives me a goal to work toward! I think my 10-day trip ended up totaling around $4-5K for everything (airfare, hotel and all meals, dives and dive staff, tips, and two massages while I was there ).
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answered Jun 8, 2017 by George1224 (5,147 points)
What do you consider expensive, I have found that most are expensive. Especially if travel is involved. Some more than others. I have found that some of my cheaper trips have been more fun and rewarding than some of the costly ones, but I would say that a trip to Cozumel for drift diving is worth every peso. The people are great, the food is great, the diving is fantastic.
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answered Jun 11, 2017 by NinjaShark (3,775 points)
I really enjoyed Hawaii, but that was for my Honeymoon, so it wasn't specifically for diving, but since Hubby and I are both certified, we had to do some diving, we dove 3 days (two tank dives, mostly drift dives) and we agree it was probably one of the main highlights of the trip, would love to go back to Hawaii for some more diving in the future, but that can get expensive fast. (The cost for diving wasn't too bad, i think around $80 per two tank dive, including rental gear - pretty reasonable, and the rental gear was the same BC we have at home, so we lucked out lol, we didn't bring any gear with us that trip - again since it wasn't a 'dive trip'). We haven't really done any major dive trips yet. Been content with Florida diving
commented Jun 13, 2017 by hurfish (3,024 points)
question: where and who did you dive with in HI? I am going in a couple months first time. btw- a 2 tank dive is now about $160 at least on Maui
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answered Jun 16, 2017 by richardehyman (2,630 points)
Belize Barrier Reef. 2nd largest in the world and much of it seems to still be in good shape. Also dove there a year ago. Loved it. Dove there a long time ago with Cousteau. (richardehyman.com)
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answered Jul 12, 2017 by Brilliant1 (595 points)
Live on dive boat in SE Asia - Indonesia or Philippines.
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