Is there a particular brand of regulator (1st and 2nd stages) you like, and why?

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asked Jun 14, 2017 in Scuba Diving by Lietzke00 (713 points)
A regulator system is next on my purchase list and though some divers I've spoken to have said they like one brand or another, I haven't really noticed much difference.

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answered Jun 15, 2017 by AZ-ProDiver (140 points)
I purchased my regulators based on the last NOAA long term cold water tests. These tests are unbiased as they are not done by magazines that take advertising dollars.

The other thing I look for is whether the manufacturer sells to shops with a MAP or MARP sales agreement. If the manufacturer controls both the sales price and advertised price the gear's selling price is artificially kept higher than necessary in a open market. Other manufacturers only control the advertised price and allow the dive shop to set selling price. (competing fairly in the market)

If the quality of 2 competing regulators is on par I choose that regulator I can get the better deal on. It just so happens that the only regulator to have zero failures on the long term cold water tests also happens to have been a company that does compete fairly and I was able to purchase it for far less than competing regulators that didn't test as well.

Bottom line: Do your homework many regulators all breath as well as a human can differentiate some second stages are lighter or use a different mouthpiece (which can be changed) these differences can equate to comfort but performance is #1 consideration for life safety but that doesn't equate to what you must spend.

Remember: If a manufacturer made a unsafe product like a regulator they wouldn't be in existence very long in todays litigious climate.

My regulators of choice are manufactured by Oceanic.
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answered Jun 14, 2017 by George1224 (5,147 points)
I use Scuba Pro and Sub Gear. The reason is that Scuba Pro stands behind their products. I would suggest not buying on line. Sure you can get some good deals on line, but you cant get you hands on it until it comes it. Most dive shops will let you try before you buy.This can be very helpful. Plus, its alot easier to get service for your regs if you buy local. Be sure to buy your 1st and 2nd stage as a set. Go ahead and get your hoses including the inflater hose for your BCD and computer if you have an air integrated computer.
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answered Jun 14, 2017 by Pablo (1,108 points)
I use Scubapro, because they are so dependable and they stand by their products. I use mine in the pool 50-100 dives, and saltwater 40-60 times per year and never had a failure. Be sure to have your regs serviced annually.
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answered Jun 14, 2017 by Kenkatz (398 points)
I am very happy with my Sherwood regulators. They have lasted many years. They are easy to clean and service. I have been asked on several dive trips by Dive Pros if I had interest in selling them. The parts are always available.

They always work well.
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answered Jun 14, 2017 by hurfish (3,024 points)
Scubapro is what I use and prefer based on quality performance and support. Scubapro really stands behind their products. I have two MK16/ S550 and they are performers. Never had an issue.  I also use the Air 2 which is more streamlined. You will never go wrong with Scubapro.
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