Best thing to get the fish smell off?

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asked Jul 17, 2017 in Saltwater Fishing by cquade7 (3,269 points)
What is the best thing to get the fish smell off? I have seen those stainless steel bars, and was wondering if anyone had any luck with them?

9 Answers

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answered Jul 23, 2017 by Ratfish (455 points)
Bask in all its fishy glory

Just kidding. Hand sanitizer usually does the trick for me until I can actually wash my hands
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answered Jul 23, 2017 by Piratekelli (1,003 points)
I use anti bacterial gel! Carry it on the kayak
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answered Jul 24, 2017 by dwnc (1,254 points)
rub hands with stainless steal spoon while washing them with soap or dish detergent.  I find using the spoon works better than just soap
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answered Jul 18, 2017 by George1224 (5,147 points)
Lemon Juice works well
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answered Jul 24, 2017 by Countryside (65 points)
I just wash my hands with any soap , a little bleach in water. Rinse thoroughly and that should take care of the fishy smell.
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answered Jul 25, 2017 by Cvet (3,369 points)
Sink the stink, made in Florida
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answered Aug 10, 2017 by Boneyard (1,593 points)
I have used DeFishing Soap...smells like licorice and works pretty well
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answered Aug 15, 2017 by yakfishnick (320 points)
Warm vanilla sugar hand sanitizer from Bath and Body Works always did the trick.
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answered Oct 28, 2017 by Cronnie40 (228 points)
Lemon or lime juice usually works well
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