What is the best conventional fishing reel and why, more interested in the why?

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asked Apr 26, 2017 in Saltwater Fishing by thunnus69 (385 points)

1 Answer

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answered Apr 28, 2017 by thunnus69 (385 points)
For me I like reels that are well built, easy to breakdown and maintain as well as spare parts that are easily accessible which often times means a company with a good customer service dept.  For me Accurate twindrag reels are tough to beat but usually require more maintenance and that gets expensive quickly.  They're also expensive to purchase ad they discontinue good reel models which has meant less availability of spare parts.  I also own several Penn internationals which are easy to breakdown , maintain and repair.  They're also "clunky" heavy and the newer ones have more plastic and smaller parts which I am finding fail more often than I'd like.  Still rugged and reliable though.  Curious what others think.
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