What is the worst buddy experience you have had?

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asked May 14, 2018 in Scuba Diving by hurfish (3,024 points)

6 Answers

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answered May 14, 2018 by frontbeast (2,220 points)
As complete newbie, and a bit nervous. I was teamed up with a nother newbie. But he didnt Care about buddy check or anything. Couldnt get him to check. Underwater i he just whant to go deeper all the time. That was a stressfull first after certificate og dive.
commented May 16, 2018 by George1224 (5,147 points)
I always recommend that new divers hire a guide for their first few dives. Its a small investment for safety plus they know where all the cool stuff is because they dive the sites every day. I hope you enjoy diving for a very long time.
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answered May 15, 2018 by Davidb (1,816 points)
Actually it was an experienced guy who didn’t care. He was over weighted, so he was literally standing most of the time, beating up coral with his fins, not watching for anything, he didn’t listen to the dive master so we had to all wait for him. He also ate air so fast that he cut our dive really short.
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answered May 16, 2018 by George1224 (5,147 points)
I cant say that I have every had a bad experience with a buddy. My dive buddy is my wife and we can pretty much read each other's mind, plus she is a great diver.
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answered Jul 4, 2018 by richardehyman (2,630 points)
Wasn't my buddy's fault but he rounded the corner of an underwater habitat and I ran into trouble. My tank's valve got caught on a submerged line anchoring the habitat. I didn't know I was caught. I finally figured it out (quickly) but it was a bit of a close call because I was out of air. I could have used my buddy to help identify the problem and possibly disconnect me. I kept my calm and it all worked out but having dove as deep as 230' on air (USS Monitor with Cousteau), I would have hated to drown in just 30' of water.
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answered May 22, 2018 by Cvet (3,369 points)
My dive buddy is my wife. While diving in low visibility both wearing a drysuit she lost her weight belt. She knew I always dive heavy she came over and grabbed me. I took her up to the surface with no problem. Visibility was so bad I couldn't find her belt. So while in the dive boat we marked the dive spot by looking at the shorelines. The next day we came back and did find her weight belt.
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answered May 28, 2018 by Cvet (3,369 points)
Well this happened over fourth years ago. I was at a springs in Florida when a friend wanted to go in to a cave and only I had a light. He couldn't get his ears cleared so his brother wanted to go. Only he wanted the light and I let him. The entrance was at a slant and there was a tree half way down where you had to let go of the rope a grab it on the other side. He went ahead of me and I never saw him again until we hit the bottom all in the dark. I grab him and the light and headed out. Not my smartest dive.
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