If your a first timer, check out out John Pennekamp State...">

What is your favorite area to dive in the Florida Keys?

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asked Jun 29, 2018 in Scuba Diving by VADiver (940 points)
Is there a particular dive site of wreck that is a favorite in the area?

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answered Jun 30, 2018 by Davidb (1,816 points)
selected Jul 10, 2018 by VADiver
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If your a first timer, check out out John Pennekamp State Park, America’s very first underwater park, it was established in 1963, covers 178 nautical-square miles of coral reef, seagrass beds and mangrove swamps. One of Pennekamp’s most popular attractions is the "Christ of the Deep" statue, which is located at Key Largo Dry Rocks reef. 

Six miles south off Key West is the massive 524-foot Hoyt S. Vandenberg, a former United States Air Force missile tracking ship that was sunk in 140 feet of water. Beautiful dive...  Marathon has one of the Keys' most frequented wrecks, the Thunderbolt. It sits upright on the bottom in 115 feet of water, the Thunderbolt measures 180 plus  feet long, and sports a beautiful array of colorful sponges, corals and hydroids. There is also a 500-pound Goliath grouper guarding the wreck :) .  The Spiegel off Key Largo is probably the most popular wreck in the Keys. At the time of its sinking in 2002, the Spiegel Grove was the largest ship intentionally sunk as a coral reef for divers. Tons of marine life !

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answered Jul 2, 2018 by George1224 (5,147 points)
Anywhere in the Keys is great. We like to use Rainbow Reef Dive Center in Key Largo. Search them and you will find a listing of all of the dive sites in the upper keys that they visit. They also have dive/stay packages that are a great price. If you want to lobster dive Big Pine Key is a great place in the lower Keys.The mini season is comming up quick.
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answered Jul 4, 2018 by richardehyman (2,630 points)
I wish to explore more of the keys but I was pleasantly surprised and thoroughly enjoyed diving Sombrero Reef. Easy to get to, e.g. ~1 mile offshore (Marathon). Buoys to tie up to. Cool lighthouse backdrop. Great water, coral, variety of fish.

I see some Key Largo posts, etc. Marathon a further drive but to me well worth it. Fewer people.
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answered Jul 19, 2018 by Cvet (3,369 points)
I love diving the wrecks. There are several and just great vis. most of the time.
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