What's a good GoPro board mount?

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answered Feb 23, 2017 by sthowe10 (100 points)
I think the best mount for a GoPro is the mount it comes with. The mount with the sticker back is great for boards. The sticky back really stays on the surface well. And you can angle the GoPro in different ways to get what view you want. However it may obstruct your board a little because it sticks out. A chest mount is also great because the view is very good. The chest mount will also be more stable than a mount on a board. Also a chest mount won't stick to your board.
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answered Mar 30, 2017 by Big Papa (113 points)
A lot of boards are coming with GoPro mounts. My neighbors 404 has one.
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answered Sep 18, 2018 by EddieR (100 points)
I like the go pro brand sticky mounts with the leash mount as a back up. They are easier to clip camera on and off. I like to move the go pro to different board locations to review stroke technique. The board inserted FCS mounts that go pro can attach to are the most secure but a hassle to mount go pro onto. The FCS mount also is raised off the board more which can be an issue when loading onto roof rack or stacking boards. The FCS mount can be removed with an Allen key but it’s another inconvenience. If you prep the surface w alcohol and change your sticky mount once a year you should be fine, go pro has a kit that includes the go pro mount and go pro leash mount as a backup. Haven’t lost one YET
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